£5,995.00 (Incl. VAT)

This hard top self build fibreglass body kit fits the BMW Z3 chassis without the need for an IVA test. We are pleased to be part of the Tribute 250 SWB supply chain. From elsewhere in our web site you will see examples of the three coupes that we have built. The basis of these cars is this, the Tribute 250 Coupe kit, manufactured by Tribute Automotive in Dorset and supplied by us.

This is our favourite kit. We have built three cars using this kit, mostly for our own use. In the process we used our engineering resources and our accumulated automotive and engineering skills to fabricate numerous enhancements to the basic body kit. Having learned an awful lot in the process and having refined our knowledge and products we are pleased to be able to share our wealth of  experience with you in the form of our growing product portfolio.

On this site you will understand what we have developed to keep the engine bay nice and clean. You will see not only the range of wheels that we have used but also what modifications were necessary to make them fit. Our electric windows in their stainless steel frames transform the appearance and usability of the car, as does our bodyform rear window.

We have developed products that facilitate the customisation of the beautiful Tribute 250 Coupe into an award winning show car that behaves as good as it looks.



Standard Kit Comprises:
1x rear body section including roof and windscreen pillar covers *
1x boot lid (double skinned)
1x front body section
1x bonnet (double skinned)
2x door skins
2x sill panels
1x set of internal fitting panels
1x shell brace (roll cage)
2x side mild steel window frames with toughened glass sliding windows **
1x front grille outer lip (GRP) and alloy inner slats (alloy)

* Standard Kit uses MGB GT Glass rear Screen
The much improved Grassbank rear screen can be purchased separately. Please see xxx
** Standard Kit side windows are sliding perspex type
Grassbank offers an electric (glass) window option with retro style stainless frames. Please see xxx