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The tribute 250 SWB is a stunning evocation of the iconic cars that dominated le mans in the 60s based on the BMW Z3 monoque. We are pleased to be able to supply Tribute 250 kits and to offer you our engineered developments designed turn this classic 60’s style tourer into a striking, solid, complete and eminently drivable car.

Take a look at the industry awards that our cars have earned based on our attention to detail, in terms of finish and purpose, which we have created through a labour of love.   All of these developments are now available to purchase in the Grassbank ‘Market Place’.

Our desire to improve the end product remains constant and so as we have built each of the cars in our trilogy we have added new features which improve both the car’s looks and its functionality. Developing these products isn’t easy but buying them can be. This, our new web site, gives you the opportunity to browse and order any (or all) of the items that we have developed along with a couple that we have chosen (such as the dished wire wheels) because they just weren’t available in the general market place and provide the finishing touch to the car.

Our electric side windows, which use the original BMW glass, replace the standard sliding perspex windows of the Tribute 250 kit. With their polished stainless steel frames they add enhanced usability alongside great looks.

Our bodyform rear window was developed by us to make the car fit the era rather than have the body made to fit the available glass. We have retrofitted our rear window to a number of cars, replacing the MGBGT rear window and utterly transforming the appearance of the car.  Don’t worry about that beautiful, expensive paint job, our window can be made to fit without the need to have the Bodyshop on speed dial.

Please enjoy looking around the site. If we haven’t already done so we soon will add a couple of sentences on each product’s page describing why we felt it was necessary to develop that particular product. Some times it isn’t obvious so please read on.

And don’t forget to check back every so often to see what’s new and what we’ve put on offer as the deal of the month.

Over the top
Bodyform Rear Window


Throughout October, and to celebrate the launch of our new web site we are offering a great product bundle. Order the Tribute 250 kit, our electric polished stainless steel glass windows / frames and our comprehensive bodyform rear window with the full interior kit for just £10,495 including VAT. Save £1,200 over the cost of buying them individually.

This deal will expire at midnight on Hallow’een. No tricks, just a great treat for your car and for your wallet. Don’t be a pumpkin head, grab it while you can

Side window main 4
Coupe body kit
Rear window full kit